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Take a Vacation in your Hot Tub with Spa Fragrances

Pure Pool spar pearls and crystals

A hot bath can be the best way to relax at the end of a stressful day. Something about the soothing flow of water and the pleasant aroma of bath oils or crystals seems to help you slip into a place of rest and relaxation.

You can create a spa-like experience at home with Pure Pool spa fragrances by InSPAration.

Spa Fragrances and Your Hot Tub

Spa fragrances are a selection of hot tub scents that are designed for spa use, which means they will not affect the PH level, or water chemistry, of your hot tub. These non- foaming crystals and pearls will wash away without harming your filter. Spa fragrances can also help you get rid of any chemical smells that cleaning supplies may leave behind and help increase the overall comfort in your hot tub.

Aromatherapy and the Brain

Spa pearls and crystals are designed with relaxing aromas that can help soothe muscles and tired bodies. It is widely known that scents can play a major role in how the mind relaxes. A study done by the University of Maryland on aromatherapy states that smelling a positive scent can trigger a pleasing memory and increase tranquility. For example, researchers report that the smell of lavender can be used to treat headaches and help with nervousness and exhaustion while the smell of peppermint can be used as a refreshing and stimulating scent that can increase clarity and concentration.

Your Spa at Home

With mood relaxation and tension relief to achy muscles, InSPAration helps you take a mini vacation in your backyard.  InSPAration products offer a wide range of scents, including rose, apple pear and more. If you are having trouble choosing just one scent for your nightly relaxation time, try a set of multiple fragrances to rotate throughout your week.  You can purchase these wonderful spa pearls and crystals from our site.

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